Halloween Contacts For Women

Fashion has really taken a whole different toll with regards to Halloween. For women who love Halloween parties, contact lenses would come in handy to accompany their costumes. Costumes that match up with the contact lenses are just awesome.

There are quite a variety of Halloween contacts out there, but the most popular contact lenses are those by Cooper Vision and also those by Ciba Vision known as wild eyes. These are common because of their great effects, are affordable and of very good quality. Crazy Lenses include whiteout, bloodshot, wolf, fire, black, red and white spiral. Most common Wild Eyes Lenses are red hot, hypnotic, alien, ice fire, cat eye and blackout. But you should not be limited to these two varieties, because there are quite a number of contact lenses collection out there on the internet just in case you looking for what suits you.

There are also custom hands painted contact lenses. The most popular contacts especially for women are black sclera, Mangekyo Izuna, Cadaver, Cenobite, contagion II. The good part about these custom hand painted lenses is that you order for them and say how you wanted them made and painted.

These Halloween contacts are not that expensive as they look. They are quite affordable and even more affordable if ordered online. Sclera contacts are a slightly costly because they cover the entire visible are of the eye, but they are just too cool.

Caring for these Halloween contacts is also simple. With a multipurpose solution, a pair of plastic tweezers and a contact lens case, you are set for cleaning. Always remember to wash your hands clean before handling these contact lenses and after cleaning, place them in their case with fresh solution. In case you are not going to use the lenses for a long time, always change the solution and rinse them at least weekly.

For those ladies who love Halloween parties, boost your costume looks and go get yourselves a pair of scary and exciting Halloween contacts of your choice.

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